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Peace of mind

Simple, daily decisions informed by Nanci will put you in control of your money.

Guilt-free spending

A clear plan allows you to spend on the things you want without feeling guilty.

Fits your busy life

You are busy. Life happens. Save your time and money for the people and things you value most, and let Nanci do the rest.

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Make money simple

You have a thousand things to worry about; your finances shouldn't be one of them.

Nanci puts you in control by helping you develop healthy and sustainable financial habits. After all, it is the small decisions you make on a daily basis that determine where you end up.

Simple Onboarding

Nanci gets you set up for success in a matter of minutes.

Not sure how to create a budget? No problem, Nanci will help you.

Practical and Sustainable

Developing healthy financial habits is a lifelong pursuit, and it can be a real challenge to stay on course through the ups and downs. Nanci is a practical tool that helps you stay in control of your money in spite of your busy life.


Money makes moments

Your relationship with money can affect the way you view your life. Nanci helps you use your money for making moments, not mayhem.

Safe and secure

We take security very seriously. We use the best security standards to keep your information safe. We don’t have access to your bank credentials or account numbers, and we will never share your data.



Our mission is to help you master your money by developing healthy financial habits. All of the core budgeting features, including connecting your bank accounts to get real-time updates, are FREE forever. No strings attached.

Take a closer look

From your budget summary to categorizing your transactions, budgeting has never been easier than with Nanci.


About Nanci

At Nanci, we believe in keeping things simple. We believe in focusing on the fundamentals. We believe in the time-tested, tried-and-true principles that bring peace of mind and a healthy relationship with your money:

  • Use a budget
  • Spend less than you earn
  • Avoid debt (except when necessary to buy a home or get an education)
  • Give to those in need

Our mission is to create simple and practical tools to help you follow these principles and become the master of your money.

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