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Bold budgets

Create financial confidence with our guided budget setup.

Simplified spending

Assign transactions to categories to easily manage your money.

Connected accounts

Securely connect your bank accounts to monitor your spending in real-time.

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Easy Budgets

Guided budget creation for the modern woman

With Nanci, there is no need for a finance degree. Follow our guided budget setup and let your budget empower you and your money.

Custom Categories

Create budget categories to sort your expenses and track your transactions.

Timely Tips

Tips and budgeting advice erase the stress for making your budget.


Money makes moments

Your relationship with money can affect the way you view your life. Nanci helps you use your money for making moments, not mayhem.

Shame-free spending

The flow of your money shouldn't be stressful. Use Nanci to wave goodbye to money-guilt and treat yourself to some financial freedom.


Love your limits

Create a healthy relationship with your financial constraints. Nanci shows you your money-flow and supports you in creating emotional balance with your financial balance.

Take a closer look

From your budget summary to categorizing your transactions, budgeting has never been easier than with Nanci.


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